Giving hope where there was none.

Mission statement

“Hope Community Village provides a homely and loving environment in which we build family groups to provide a long term significant difference for children who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused or whose families are unable to care for them.”

Our Dream

Our Dream is to give a home and a family – brothers, sisters and, most importantly, a mother – to one hundred destitute children who will bring them up with love, care and affection.

We also ensure each child brought up by the Group Foster Care families of Hope Community Village is getting merged with the main stream society without any major adjustment problems. We provide aftercare counseling support to our Youngsters.

Our Organization

Hope Community Village is a Charitable Society, registered in Kerala in 1995 (356/1995). The primary objective is to offer long term family care to Orphan and Destitute children. The affairs of the organization are managed by a Managing Committee

Present office bearers :

Designation Name Place
President Antony George Alappuzha
Vice-President Arun Prasad Cherthala
Secretary Elizabeth George Alappuzha
Treasurer George Zachariah Alappuzha


Annual reports and minutes of AGM are filed up-to- date with authorities The organization is now funded largely by the Parent Organization in UK The organization in Kerala is looking forward to local friends and funding Donations to the organization are exempted from Income Tax under 80 G Hope Community Village is registered under JJ Act with State Government

Our Founder

Hope Community Village was founded by John Veitch, a British businessman who had links with Alappuzha for many years. In spite of the serene beauty of backwaters in the region, John was distressed by the plight of children of poor families in this coastal region of India. On one of his visits, he visited some government run homes for children. He was pained by the institutional approach that did not reflect the vitality that would have been possible, had the caring approach been different. In one such orphanage, he saw some young adults who were mostly incapacitated to live on their own because of the long years of incarceration. John realized need of family approach in alternate care of children for their balanced growth. He wished to create families for children who lost parental care. Together with two Indian friends who realized the need to integrate the community into the caring process, he planned out a program that would offer family care to parentless children and also meet as much needs of the children of the community. He founded the Hope Community Village in the outskirts of Alappuzha. Associating his friends back home in the UK he founded Hope Community Village UK to organize goodwill and resources to support and maintain the program of Hope Community Village in Kerala

Our Partners

Hope Community Village UK is the parent organization for Hope Community Village in Kerala. It is a registered charity with fund raising initiatives across the UK and Ireland with its hub at Halifax, UK. The organization is managed by a Board of Trustees. The organization has many friends and volunteers who make ongoing efforts to raise resources for the program of Hope Community Village in Kerala. The Hope Community Village UK raises funds through various fund raising events, initiatives and donation schemes. The Hope Community Village UK supports the program in Kerala with necessary monitoring and guidance. The founder and friends of Hope Community Village sometimes visit the program to have first hand information on the program with focus on well being of children under care and support of Hope Community Village. It is important to note that all of them work for the needy children of Kerala as UNPAID VOLUNTEERS – every penny receives at UK reaches to the project as there are no administration costs at UK.

Our Team

The key people in the program are the Mothers who offer care to the children. There are six mothers supported by three aunts. There are three counselors and a youth care worker, they are people who are educated and experienced in guiding and counseling children and adolescents. The office staffs is limited to one person, there are only two persons employed to take care of the campus

The programs of Kindergarten has three teachers taking care of 70 children in three sections of Kindergarten

The caring of children and general administration at Hope Community Village are coordinated by a Village Director, Mr. Santhiraj Kolengaden

Volunteers and consultants

We have a Human Development expert in Mr. Joseph Puthuparambil who was the coordinator earlier and continues his guidance and support to children and mothers Dr. Lizy James, MSW, PhD is consultant (volunteer) in professional development of mothers and staff. The Fund Raising initiatives are supported by a consultant Mr Victor Painadath who has three decades experience in family based care and developing resources for that. The accounts are audited by M/s Nayer & Menon, Ernakulam since 2012

You can sponsor a child with 1000 Rupees a month or make a donation where you choose the amount

Hope Community Village

Hope Community Village offers long term family care to the Children in Need of Care and Protection, by giving them a loving home with mother, family, education and opportunities.

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