What we do

Hope Community Village offers long term family care to children who lost care and protection of parents.

Every child here has a home, though he/she is not born here, the child takes it as his/her own home. It is very different from orphanages and institutions. The home offers children a feeling of safety, security and belonging.

Ten children live in every home, both boys and girls, as brothers and sisters ‘by choice’ with relationships that last for life. That is a family where everyone loves helps and respects each other.

In every family home for ten children, there is ‘their mother’ living with them. A mother here is a simple woman who is concerned and caring for ‘her’ children. She loves them as her own though she did not give birth to them. The mother does all what a mother does in Kerala homes, cooks for children, cleans house.

Children here have opportunities to play and celebrate their childhood. There are learning opportunities for computer, arts and sports. Every child’s birthday is celebrated in the family; every festival is big. Children practice the religion of their parents

Children attend some of the best schools for best possible education; they get tutorial support also. Elder girls move to residential hostels as they finish school and join college Elder boys have a separate facility nearby and adolescents move in there The care is lasting till children finish higher/vocational studies and settle well in their lives;

Relationships with mother and family however remain for life as they had their home here.

Children come to us as they lost parental care and are placed with us for long term care by the government child protection authorities. They are mostly single parent children where such parent is not able to provide care for being remarried, critically ill etc, with no relatives there to provide care. All such children were living in poverty and deprivation, many of them suffered abuse and exploitation.


You can sponsor a child with 1000 Rupees a month or make a donation where you choose the amount